6 Simple Ways To Improve Website Conversions

What Are Website Conversions?

A website conversion is the process of transition from a visitor to customer or lead. If someone visits your website and buys something, they have converted from a visitor to a customer. Similarly, if someone visits your website and submits an enquiry form, they have converted from a visitor to a lead.

Converting a visitor into a conversion seems straight forward at first glance, but as with most things, the finer details are of utmost importance.

Recently I have had an increase in enquiries about issues relating to low conversions on various types of websites using different marketing techniques:

setting up website goals


The basics of a website conversion or ‘goal’
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6 Simple Ways To Increase Your Website Conversions

Yes you can get lots of clicks. Yes you can attract targeted visitors. However, if nothing is converting into an enquiry or sale, you’ve got a problem.

Here are some of the reasons why this might be happening:

  1. If you are targeting local search, you need to ensure that your visitor is local too – there isn’t much point trying to capture someone looking for ‘washing machines in Brighton’ when you are based in Glasgow.
  2. When you run a PPC campaign, don’t just point every Google Ad to the home page. Carefully craft targeted landing pages or use direct phone call PPC ads. Using the same example above, don’t direct users to your home page with 30 categories of white goods – take them to the washing machine section.
  3. When you finally get a valuable visitor to the right section of your beautifully designed website (such as an enquiry form), keep it simple. No one likes filling out forms, let alone big ones. Three or four fields will do just fine to gain as much information as you are likely to need.
  4. Don’t make you visitors register to buy a product. Use a guest checkout option so the user has the choice to sign up or not. You don’t want to lose that precious customer at checkout stage!
  5. Smooth out general website issues. If the page is slow to load because images haven’t been optimised or there is some out of date plugin holding everything up – fix it! Nothing is more irritating for your precious visitor than having to watch a blank screen and wonder what is going on.
  6. Finally – measure everything. Ensure that you Google Analytics is integrated with your website and/or Adwords account. Make sure you set up goals, such as successful checkout, submitted enquiry form or phone number click. Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what is going on in order to improve.

What do you find helps increase conversion rates on your website? Feel to leave a comment as I would be interested to hear your views.

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