Brighton SEO

Well, that was a fun few days! Brighton SEO is one of the biggest UK SEO conferences and brings together a wealth of information, inspiration and advice.

Combined with a lot of friendly people within the SEO, PPC and ‘everything in between’ industry, makes for an ideal setting to really get the lowdown on best practices, future technology and a myriad of tips and tricks.

I visited as part of a team from one of my clients and with us having different disciplines, we were able to regroup after each conference and share what we had learned, which really helped drive everyone to get the most out of it

I would say a fair amount is aimed at an intermediate level, there were still some good key takeaways for the more experienced and along with that great feeling you get from being out of the office and learning in a completely different environment, was well worth every penny!

I must say, the talks that were really intriguing came from Luke Carthy and Felipe Bezon from Hedgehog Digital. Where Luke was just thoroughly entertaining(!) and Felipe was just straight to the point, with factual and actionable insights. There were of course many other great speakers and we are grateful to all of them for providing well-thought-out and interesting topics.

So now (after some R&R) it is down to implement some of these techniques to help improve my offering and ensure both current and new clients get to benefit!

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