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SEO Market Harborough

I provide freelance Market Harborough search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing services for small businesses, SME’s and startups based in Leicestershire

Online marketing, SEO and content writing are the fundamentals of making sure your website gets:

  • the exposure it needs
  • increased visitor engagement
  • more website conversions

A website with no visitors is like a shop with no customers. You may have the best website design in Market Harborough – but if no-one can find it, customers may well be on the scarce side..

It is therefore good practice to not only budget for your website design, but also budget for search engine optimisation and an effective digital online marketing strategy.

At AR Web, I can help you get the best out of your website by using proven SEO techniques, to ensure your website gets more visitors. Without the overheads of a digital agency or SEO company, I can keep the costs down, give your website the attention it deserves and provide a flexible, affordable and focused approach.


Can I get my Market Harborough business to number one on Google?

Yes and no. Google is the biggest and most popular search engine by far with a whopping 82.83% of search traffic. This means that to get to the coveted number one spot in the search rankings is no easy feat. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible and very much depends on how competitive your target keywords are.

Very competitive search terms such as ‘cheap seo’ can require huge amounts of investment to rank highly. However more specific search terms (often referred to as long-tail keywords such as ‘cheap seo market harborough’ can well be within the reach of small businesses, SME’s and startups.

By choosing keywords wisely and setting a realistic budget, you too can step up to the Google number one spot and start getting more visitors to your website.


Google My Business (GMB) – Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local search has become much more prominent, with the introduction of the Google ‘local 3 pack’. What is meant by this is the three listings shown at the top of the page when you search for a local business.

For instance to ensure your Market Harborough SEO and digital online marketing is effective, one aim would be to make sure that when someone searches for your business category such as ‘construction company’ + ‘market harborough’, your business is displayed there.

To obtain a ranking within the local pack, it is important to ensure that Google can verify your business across a number of trusted sources to ensure:

  • Your website exists
  • Your business address is correct and valid
  • The name of your business is correct
  • Phone number and other details are consistent
  • and of course a host of other factors..

I can help you to structure your website and get you listed on key directories checked Google for verification. This can quickly ensure you get more visitors to your website but also more targeted traffic.

Targeted visitors are far more likely to actually convert to a sale.


How can I increase my search engine ranking?

A common question. There are a myriad of ways to increase your search engine ranking, but ultimately a core goal is to create interesting and ‘sticky’ content. Check out the main page for advice on SEO strategies.

I can work with you to structure your website and increase your online presence. If you already engage in advertising and online marketing, this can help benefit your SEO campaign.

Additionally if you are unhappy with the service you are receiving from your current digital agency or SEO company in Market Harborough, I can audit your website and we can discuss where things might have gone wrong and how to put them right.


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I only use ‘white hat’ search engine optimisation, meaning that no dirty tricks are employed to give artificial gains to your website.

The SEO strategies I use are for long-term performance and aim to convert visitors as opposed to just gain huge numbers of disinterested users in a short time frame.

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  • or any of the small towns and villages around the Market Harborough area

I also provide far wider coverage search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing services both regional and across the whole of the UK.

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