I can provide SEO and digital online marketing by re-structuring your website, integrating social media, managing website content and providing high-quality PR and copywriting services from experienced partners to ensure your website gets the search engine optimisation (SEO) it needs.

Organic SEO and local search engine optimisation

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As a freelance SEO provider, I have extensive experience optimising websites across specific and broad searches. Specialisms include local and organic SEO due to high conversion rates, strong ROI and the popularity of geo-related searching.

Organic SEO is a term used to describe listings that are ranked on merit as opposed to paid listings such as Adwords and other Pay Per Click (PPC) services. By working hard to make sure that your content is unique, relevant, focused and intriguing, it’s possible to rank your website organically for your chosen keywords.

The SEO world is vastly unregulated and unfortunately, the more unscrupulous outfits tend to prey on those desperate to get instant results.

The Best SEO takes time and patience..

It is also important to know to manage expectations. For instance, it is very different trying to optimise a website for ‘blue and purple parrots for sale in Nuneaton’ than it is for ‘online marketing’. There is a vast disparity in competition – that does not make it impossible, but it will require a far larger budget.

We don’t recommend ‘pay on results’ SEO services

We don’t provide a ‘paid on results’ service. The simple reason is – this is rarely beneficial to the client.

This is because it would make the sole aim to get you as high up the search results as possible, in the shortest time for an agreed set of keyword/s, which is rarely the requirement because:

  • What if you get new products or provide new services and need to alter your keywords accordingly?
  • How do you stay there once agreed targets are achieved and the contract ends?
  • What if this affects other search rankings for other keywords on your website?
  • If the keywords you have chosen do not yield any customers?

The whole point of implementing an SEO strategy is to increase the number of targeted visitors on your website, with the ultimate goal of them converting to a sale, sign up or other conversions.

Effective search engine optimisation (SEO)

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Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) is a continuous and mid to long-term process because it takes time to gain a solid ranking that lasts. It requires careful thought, planning, website structuring, marketing, social media engagement, public relations and much more.

A brief overview of our process is as follows:

  • Discuss your target market
  • Analyse the most effective and realistic keywords to target for that market
  • Re-structure content within your website based on the finalised keywords
  • Monitor and analyse key metrics to measure your search rankings
  • Make data-driven decisions to plan and modify your content structure
  • Enhance the process across social media, posts, website updates and article submissions
  • Advise you on how to exploit your current networks to gain valuable links back to your website
  • I partner with an experienced freelance journalist and copywriter who can create press releases to enhance the link-building strategies
  • Add links to directories and relevant websites to benefit local SEO and organic rankings
  • Submit press releases to relevant publications for effective off-site SEO
  • Watch your website increase in search engine rankings, visitor engagement and conversion

I can manage the entire process within an agreed budget and provide reports detailing the improvements to your online presence.

Calling all SME’s, startups and small businsses!

I provide freelance SEO and love startups, SME’s and small businesses! I like to work on a personal level and build strong and lasting relationships with clients. By being flexible and creative, I can provide a service that generates real benefits and works around your busy schedule.

I focus on local search engine optimisation as well as nation UK coverage. Local SEO is very different to traditional SEO as it requires specialisms in ranking your website within the Google ‘local pack’ GMB listings. These are the website snippets you often see at the top of page one and represent the most popular businesses within your local area.

An example might be someone searching for ‘digital agency leicestershire’. Google then shows the top 3 results local to you. It can be very rewarding to get your business in this section and I can help you achieve this.

Your business may not have a local reach, in which case we would not focus on the location, but more on the keywords themselves and what someone may type in to retrieve results.

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