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I provide freelance London search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC & Digital Strategy for SMEs & Corporates


By providing a complete digital strategy solution, I can help with:

  • Gaining increased exposure on search engines
  • Build better user engagement (it’s not all about volume!)
  • Combine PPC strategies with SEO for enhanced performance and cross-utilisation
  • Use Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques to generate more enquiries
  • Build growth for eCommerce and service websites

Often, it is a case of refining strategies and building teams in the right way to generate growth. This might entail integrating new systems, alongside SEO, CRO and PPC.

Gaining a high level of engaged visitors is not a single discipline. It often requires working with your team, building their skill sets and combining multiple specialisms.

At AR Web, I can help you get the best out of your team and implement an effective ‘results-driven’ digital strategy. As a Freelancer, I can keep costs down, work around your schedule and really grow your website and team.


What goes into an SEO & PPC-focused digital strategy?

  • The initial work involves assessing your requirements and discussing your aims for the business.
  • I can then start to develop an SEO strategy by conducting keyword & topic research
  • I’ll analyse your competition and see how they are ranking
  • This can then be repeated from a PPC perspective
  • If I am building your site, I would then be able to start drafting out a site map, implementing the SEO and PPC research
  • Or it may be a case of modifying your site to make it results-driven, based on research
  • After the website design and build process or website modification process, I can work with your team to specialise in each area such as internal and external content, website updates, social media and the overall digital marketing approach
  • I then focus on the digital strategy, ensuring:
    • In-depth analysis of results
    • Direction for the team
    • PPC and SEO analysis, updates and expansion
    • Regular strategy meetings

See below for an example of how fast revenue can start to accumulate using website restructuring, uprated product pages, PPC and SEO strategies:

ecommerce growth

eCommerce Marketplaces – A great way to expand nationally and internationally

I can help you integrate your site with Amazon and eBay to get your products in front of huge audiences. Not only that, we can help expand your website into global marketplaces, with a minimum of overheads.

This can really help generate serious revenue increases and subsequently allow us to test out new territories for priming website expansion and building you a global portfolio of sites. You can then start to generate organic traffic in multiple territories, alongside marketplace revenue and paid ads.

This triple revenue stream can also be bolstered with affiliate marketing, where others sell your good for you inr eturn for commission. This not only helps brand exposure but also traffic and substantial revenue inflows.


What areas of digital marketing can you help with?

I have years of experience across a wide range of disciplines and working with teams to really boost business:

  • Internal content structuring and regularity to widen your scope of keywords and help fill multiple sections of your sales funnel
  • External content in terms of article and features publication, digital PR, high-value backlinks and brand awareness
  • Promotional and pricing strategies for both B2C eCommerce, B2B and B2C service websites
  • Inventory management, product/category page optimisation, structuring, lead nurturing and global expansion for eCommerce websites
  • Marketplace setup and management including Amazon, eBay and affiliate management
  • Social media strategies, both organic and paid across Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Team management and refinement of roles to produce core specialists, taking your business to another level
  • PPC using Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads
  • Full analysis and reporting mechanisms to convey growth simply and effectively
  • System integration, refinement and automation to make your business slicker and administrative workload lighter, allowing your team to focus on what generates revenue

Additionally, if you are unhappy with the service you are receiving from your current digital agency or SEO company in London, I can easily audit your website and we can discuss where things might have gone wrong – and strategies on how to put them right.


Get in touch to discuss your digital marketing strategy

I don’t just focus on ranking some keywords. My approach is encompassing across the entire spectrum of digital strategy for growth.

The SEO and PPC strategies I use are for long and short-term performance, to generate immediate revenue and aim to convert more engaged visitors as opposed to just gain huge numbers of disinterested users in a short timeframe.

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