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I provide structured search engine optimisation (SEO) for eCommerce and businesses in Leicester


I can help you enhance your Leicester SEO efforts and increase the online exposure for your business or online shop, by utilising efficient search engine optimisation strategies that help your business grow (i.e – not typical ‘cheap SEO’ offerings). I ensure your website gains more exposure, gains higher rankings, increases visitors, and improves conversion rates and customer retention – all within your targeted search area.

There are lots of Leicester SEO agencies, SEO companies and digital agencies providing search engine optimisation services in and around Leicestershire. However, I aim to be different by working with you as an extension of your team..

I provide freelance SEO services, which ensure:

  • A tailored approach to help you meet and exceed your business objectives
  • Greater flexibility to work around your schedules
  • Reduced cost because you don’t need to pay for all the additional staff and infrastructure involved with a digital agency

Search engine optimisation (often referred to as SEO), is the art (and science) of optimising your website to rank as highly as possible for different topics or sets of keywords or keyphrases in major search engines such as Google and Bing. Google being the goliath, is the key search engine to increase rankings and gain more customers for your corporate, SME or startup – but competition can be stiff!

However, there is always a way – even in the most competitive markets – take a peek at one of my recent case studies for an e-commerce site:

seo high traffic analytics


So let’s start with the basics:

Q. How can Search Engine Optimisation get my business more customers?

A. Quite simply by getting more visitors to your website that are interested in your goods and/or services and structuring or re-structuring your website for an effective user experience, thereby increasing customer retention on your website and improving the likelihood of conversion (such as purchasing something, submitting an enquiry or sign up for example).

So you need to get more visitors to your website? Well, actually maybe not. You are more likely to be looking to increase the number of visitors that convert into customers on your website..

There has been a long-running misconception of the old adage of quantity versus quality. There is little point in spending huge amounts of money to get more visitors to your website when:

    • None of them are interested in what you sell on your website
    • None of them buy your product or business service
    • None of them call or email you
    • None of them visit your company
    • None of them subscribe to your newsletter or social media page
    • None of them are looking for your services in the Leicester area

So how do you get more visitor conversions through your website using SEO strategies for local Leicester businesses?

My aim is to ensure people who are searching for your product or service, find and engage with your website:

website search optimisation call to action

Let’s break this down into two simple parts. A rough overview of effective methods for improving search engine marketing and then converting more visitors into customers on your business or eCommerce website:


Part 1 – On-page Search Engine Optimisation (often referred to as ‘on-page SEO’)

On-page search engine optimisation is focused on making the website as attractive as possible to Google – Think of Google as being the one everyone fancies at the party and we need to make sure your website is preened and primed to get as much attention as possible against all the other potential suitors..!

A long time ago, it use to be as simple as buying a domain name such as and then ranking very quickly for anyone searching for ‘best seo company in leicester’ – this is known as an exact match domain (EMD) and used to be very effective for almost instant search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Rightly so, this practice was brought down with a Google update, reducing the emphasis on the domain name and focusing far more on the actual content, high-quality links pointing to the website, website authority and useability of the site. It is also important to use ‘white hat’ techniques to avoid Google penalties both now and in the future.

To remain as the best search engine around, Google needs to ensure that when someone searches in their index, the most relevant and useful resource is provided to answer the user’s query..

This starts with proper page structures, and well-written website content with seo in mind (it is important to write for your people in your target market, not just for search engines and to try and bump your website up the Google search rankings by stuffing in lots of keywords), correct spelling and no grammatical errors.

Additionally, we need to make sure our on-page content is unique, rich in relevant information and useful to visitors.

SEO Content Writing in Leicester

Some ways to structure your on-page SEO include considerable attention to:

  • Headers
  • Titles
  • Link text variance and relevance
  • Inbound link structuring
  • Keyword/Keyphrase frequency and variance
  • Image alt text
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • User experience
  • Site map
  • Clear and concise URLs
  • Site speed
  • Optimised images

To help convert and increase visitors to your website requires study into user activity. We use various tools to analyse user engagement and user experience because this helps us position a call to action (CTA) and work out which pages and sections are gaining traction and which are not.

A ‘call to action’ might be a:

  • Newsletter signup
  • Purchase of a product
  • Download of information
  • Submitting a contact or enquiry form
  • Trial for a product or service

I can help you optimise and rank your Leicester business website to be as attractive to Google as possible.

I can work with you on re-structuring your website implementing best practice SEO, increasing the chances of gaining more visitors to your website and converting visitors once they are on there, along with working alongside your marketing team to drive productivity.

However, this is just part 1 – check out part 2 for useful information on SEO using off-page search engine optimisation techniques:


Part 2 – Off-page Search Engine Optimisation (off page SEO)

Over the years, off-page search engine optimisation has morphed into PR and digital marketing – or perhaps PR and digital marketing have morphed into SEO? Anyway, the main thing is that these disciplines are very closely related and complement each other! This is important!

One of the key tasks is to gain high-value links with strong authority.

What I mean by this is getting a link to your website from another website that is relevant and has a good reputation. This can do wonders for your Google search engine rankings (as long as you also follow the guides in part 1 as well of course!).

For instance, if a well-respected newspaper such as the Leicester Mercury featured your business in their publication and linked to it on their online version from within a feature, it would not only get more views but is likely to help rank your website higher in Google and potentially searches for your product or service within Leicester and Leicestershire.

This is because the new high authority backlink is (in effect) providing a vote of confidence for your business from another business in Leicester. Because the Leicester Mercury is regarded as a high authority, this ‘vote’ would be deemed more important by Google than a more unknown publication or simple web directory.

This indicates relevance, originality and value to Google customers looking for a reputable business website in Leicester, resulting in higher rankings in the Google search engine.

Getting high-authority backlinks is no easy feat. One very powerful way to do this is to use an SEO-led strategy in conjunction with blog/content writers and digital PR to get your business featured in well-regarded publications (both on and offline). This ultimately creates links on the publisher’s websites to your business. This not only gains you valuable high authority backlinks but also increases publicity in the related publication and the chance of further natural promotion.

There are of course many other ways of obtaining great backlinks with real value, some of which are:

  • Sponsor an event
  • Write a guest article on a blog covering your niche
  • Ask for a link on a client or supplier website
  • List your website on a relevant web directory
  • Create a popular social media post (video, image, text) and promote it
  • Write an interesting article on your website and share it
  • Win a small business award (easier said than done this one! But highly beneficial)
  • Submit an endorsement or testimonial for a product or service you use
  • Partnerships with related organisations
  • Help a charity or non-profit
  • And of course, there are many, many other ways..

As an SEO consultant, I can work with you and your team to build and implement a digital strategy incorporating PR, content generation and blog writing to help generate high-quality links, increase publicity, gain rankings and ultimately convert more visitors to your website to get your business thriving!


I’m based at 37 High Street, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4AY and being such a central point we cover businesses right across Leicestershire such as:

  • Leicester
  • Thurmaston
  • Oadby/Wigston
  • Narborough
  • Aylestone
  • Broughton Astley
  • Cosby
  • Enderby
  • Whetstone
  • Blaby
  • Countesthorpe

I provide search engine optimisation for SEO campaigns across the UK and beyond to increase visitors both regionally, nationally and globally.

Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat and we can begin enhancing your online presence.

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