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I aim to provide you with the best price, quality, service & web design in Rugby.

With over 15 years experience across web design, development and digital – I employ a no-nonsense, logical approach to design amazing websites – that work.

892 brand new small businesses were formed in 2017 in Rugby alone, excluding nearby local towns. It takes some effort to stand out in the crowd…

There are many website design agencies in and around Rugby, Warwickshire. I like to differentiate by providing an honest and tailored approach to each and every enquiry.

I don’t try to up-sell everything under the sun or provide an eye-watering and overly complex quote. I’ll also talk you through what I will do, why I am doing it and provide you with a clear and concise proposal for your website design, so you know where your money is going.

Whatever your reasons, you have come to the right place to find innovative and affordable Rugby web design services.

With several web designers in the Rugby area, I can offer the following key differentiating benefits:

As a freelancer website designer, I can work on a very flexible basis with you and your team. I also provide more competitive rates than Rugby website design agencies (for example, my overheads are lower).

You can call or email pretty much anytime and you get me – the website designer (and not a receptionist or account manager).

I can really help to:

  • Improve website design and conversion pages (landing pages) and as a result ensure you gain more paying customers
  • Enhance and add functionality to increase customer retention and brand recognition
  • Re-design your site structure to provide more engaging user journeys, retain visitors and enhance your SEO and/or PPC campaigns
  • Improve search engine optimisation to increase customer and conversion volumes
  • Work with you to efficiently maintain your website to ensure it stays updated, backed up and bug-free

I work on a mutually beneficial basis – You benefit from an affordable, impressive website that enhances your business and I get a happy client, satisfaction and hopefully more work in the future (plus maybe some referrals!).


Rugby Web Design Services

Website design is an important element of creating a brand for your business. Website structuring, content writing, PR, branding, social media and email campaigns above all help to form part of an effective online marketing strategy.

I can help with many aspects and focus mainly on restructuring and/or designing your website, adapting your web content, adding functionality and technical SEO.

Whether you work for an SME, corporate, startup or public sector organisation, effective website design plays a key role in providing your customers and users with an online portal to be able to access your online services efficiently.


What about website updates and security?

I provide a web maintenance package that keeps your website updated, backed up and working 24/7, this includes:

  1. Website content management system and plugin updates (such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc)
  2. Database backups
  3. Broken link checking
  4. Form and login checking
  5. Uptime monitoring 24/7
  6. Security provision


Say I sign up with your freelance web design services – what are you going to actually do?

I provide total clarity. This means there is nothing I need to hide and so this allows you to see the hard work that goes into making you a fantastic website.

  • I advise you of what i’m going to do – before I do it
  • I’ll provide reasoning as to why I propose to change something

Summary of our website design process:

  • We’ll discuss the aims of the site, website designs you like and various functionality
  • I’ll write a proposal identifying the costs, duration and what I will do
  • You can start working on the text and images you’d like in the website
  • At the same time, I will be completing the initial website structure, which we can then discuss in further detail. I will explain the reasoning behind it to give you an idea of how your users will interact with your new website
  • I’ll go through the areas where the website is designed to illustrate the conversion of a visitor into a customer
  • Once you are happy with the website structure,  I will provide some initial web designs to discuss and modify them until they meet your requirements
  • At this point I will have the site structure and design and so we can then add your content
  • We can tweak and adapt your website until you are completely satisfied
  • We’ll then discuss a date at which to launch the new site or transfer over from your existing website


Start Now!

All the websites I build are manually checked and tested to ensure they work as expected, look great across various browsers and across multiple devices such as a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Web hosting can also be provided at very affordable prices, ranging from shared hosting to a dedicated provision for larger websites.

Get in touch if your startup or business is based in Rugby or the Warwickshire area and you are interested in website design services.

Maybe you require your current website to be re-designed to enhance online presence –
..just give us a quick call!

You may of course also be based in:

  • Newbold on Avon
  • Long Lawford
  • Clifton upon Dunsmore
  • Dunchurch
  • Brinklow

I provide regional and UK website design services for businesses nationwide.

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