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We can help you enhance your online presence in Lutterworth and the rest of Leicestershire, through utilising solid search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies at realistic prices (i.e – not ‘cheap SEO’) to ensure your website gains strong exposure, increases visitor numbers and improves customer conversion rates and retention – within your targeted local area.

Search engine optimisation (or often referred to as SEO), is the art (and science!) of optimising your website to rank as highly as possible for different sets of keywords or phrases in major search engines such as Google and Bing. Google of course being the goliath, is the most prominent search engine to rank in and gain increased visibility for your small business or startup – but competition is stiff!

So lets break it down to the basics:


Q. How can Search Engine Optimisation improve my business?

A. Quite simply by getting more visitors to your site that are interested in your goods and/or services and structuring your site for a good user experience, increasing the amount of visitors that convert (purchase something, enquire or sign up for example).


So you need to get more visitors for your Lutterworth-based small business website or startup web product? Well actually maybe not. You are more likely to be looking to get more visitors to convert into customers on your website.

There has been a long running misconception of the old adage of quantity versus quality. There is little point in spending huge amounts of money getting lots of visitors onto your website when:

  • None of them are interested in what you sell on your website
  • None of them buy your startup product or small business service
  • None of them call or email you
  • None of them visit your business or startup
  • None of them subscribe to your newsletter or social media page

So how do we get more visitor conversions through your website using SEO strategies for local Lutterworth businesses?

Our aim is to ensure people who are searching for your product or service, find it and engage with your website:

website search optimisation call to action

Let’s break this down into two simple parts for a rough overview of effective methods for improving search engine optimisation (SEO) and converting more visitors into customers on your small business or startup website:


Part 1 – On-page Search Engine Optimisation (on page SEO)

On-page search engine optimisation is focused on making the website as attractive as possible to Google – Think of Google as being the one everyone fancies and we need to make sure our website is preened and primed to get as much attention as possible against all the other suitors..

A long time ago, it use to be a simple as buying a domain name such as and then rank very quickly for anyone searching for ‘best seo in lutterworth’ – this is known as an exact match domain (EMD) and used to be very effective for almost instant search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Rightly so, this practice was brought down with a Google update, reducing the emphasis on the domain name and far more on the actual content and structure of the site. At the end of the day, Google needs to ensure that when someone searches in their index, the most relevant and useful resource is provided.

This starts with proper page structures, well-written website content with seo in mind (it is important to write for your visitors, not just to try and bump your website up the Google search rankings by stuffing in lots of keywords), correct spelling and no grammatical errors. Additionally we need to make sure our on-page content is unique, rich in information and useful to readers.

SEO Content Writing for Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Some ways to structure your on-page SEO includes considerable attention to:

  • Header tags
  • Title tags
  • Link text
  • Inbound links
  • Keyword/Keyphrase frequency
  • Image descriptions
  • Mobile responsiveness (AMP)
  • Site map
  • Clear URLS
  • Site speed
  • Optimise images
  • Add social media

To help convert and increase visitors to your website, requires some study into user activity. We use various tools to analyse user engagement and user experience, which helps us position a call to action and work out which features are gaining traction and which are not. A ‘call to action’ might be a:

  • Newsletter signup
  • Purchase of a product
  • Submitting a contact form
  • Free trial for a product or service

We can help you optimise your small business website to be as attractive to Google as Google is to themselves(!). We can work with you on restructuring your website to be optimised for SEO and increase the chances of gaining more visitors to your website and converting visitors once they are there. However this is just part 1 – check out part 2 for useful information on SEO using off-page search engine optimisation techniques:


Part 2 – Off-page Search Engine Optimisation (off page SEO)

Over the years, off page search engine optimisation has morphed into PR and online marketing – or perhaps PR and online marketing has morphed into SEO? Anyway, the main thing is that these two disciplines are very closely related.

One of the key tasks is to gain a high value link with strong authority. What we mean by this is getting a link to your site from a website a good reputation, this can do wonders for your search engine rankings (as long as you also follow the guides in part 1 of course!).

For instance, if a well-respected SEO blog liked this page and linked to it (hint hint!), this page would not only get more views, but is likely to rank higher in the Google search engine. This is because our new high authority backlink is (in effect) would be providing a vote of confidence for the content on this page. This would indicate relevance, originality and value to Google customers looking to understand how to conduct effective search engine optimisation for their small business or startup website to rank highly in the Google search engine.

Getting high authority backlinks is no easy feat. One very powerful way to do this is to use a journalist (such as our highly experienced freelance journalist) to get your business featured in well-regarded publications (both on and offline), who ultimately add a link onto their site in the article about your business. This not only gains you a valuable link from a high authority website, but also gets publicity in the related publication.

There are of course many other ways of obtaining great backlinks with real value, some of which are:

  • Sponsor an event
  • Write an article on a blog covering your niche
  • Ask for a link on a client’s website
  • List your website on a relevant web directory
  • Create a popular social media post (video, image, text) and promote it
  • Write a popular article on your website and share it
  • Win a small business award (easier said than done this one! But highly beneficial)
  • Submit an endorsement
  • Partnerships
  • And of course there are many, many other ways..

We can help you get solid exposure on social media and set up an online marketing campaign to attract high quality links, increase publicity for your small business or startup and convert more visitors to your website.

To enhance this service, our experienced freelance journalist can work with you on a press release to give you the best chance of a successful online marketing campaign and enhance your off-page SEO to get your small business or startup thriving!

We are based at 37 High Street, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4AY and being such a central point we like to cover businesses across:

  • Broughton Astley area
  • Hinckley area
  • Rugby area – check out our dedicated page on Rugby SEO
  • Market Harborough area
  • ..and most areas across Leicestershire and Warwickshire

Along with our London office, we can easily get to most parts of the UK within a couple of hours. We also use online conferencing like Skype, Gotomeeting, Google Hangouts and Zoom Meetings for clients further afield.

Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat and find out how we can help you make the most of your online presence.

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