We can design, develop and manage website application development such as customer relationship management, social media management, stock management and price matching systems.

Website Applications

The following are some website applications that we have built/managed across public and private sector clients which include:

  1. Property search applications
    We use a property-specific content management system to build property portals and estate agent property management websites and applications. This allows instant ability to list, import, export and manage properties. Various features include the ability for customers to list their own property, XML import/export, full administration and e-commerce for listings.
  2. Social media monitoring systems
    Our experience of developing a leading social media monitoring system for risk and incident detection puts us in a great position to build and manage the application development for social-media related products. We use easily scale-able cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) infrastructure to ensure you can grow quickly as you gain traction, keeping overheads low, but efficient.
  3. Social media integrations
    Throughout our vast social media development across the last 4 years, we can integrate virtually any social media API into your application.
  4. Digital asset management
    After spending several years managing over 25TB of video and audio data for a government client, we can provide robust and flexible systems for managing large volume of media data such as video, audio and images. This allows you complete library management for digital assets across your company, with remote access from any internet-connected devices.
  5. Document capture and management
    Having provided document scanning, management and presentation for a variety of projects for public and private sector clients, we provide complete document scanning and document management applications allowing you to benefit from a truly paperless office.
  6. Price monitoring applications
    Utilising the latest data-scraping techniques, we can automate periodic price checking to ensure your pricing strategy stays competitive, whilst ensuring your margins are maximised.
  7. Search engines
    We can build bespoke search engines based on any JDBC connected database or API data source. We can combine multiple API’s such as supplier and product listings or analyse data sources to identify trends and anomalies.

Software Development

Depending on the project, we manage an expert team of programmers with extensive experience to deliver your application. Code will be clean, structured, commented and legacy-proof.

We use a combination of different languages including languages such as C++, Python, Javascript Frameworks and PHP on a Linux stack. We also partner with a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer for any requests involving the Microsoft stack. Our partner has over 15 years experience in building Microsoft applications.