We can provide seo and online marketing by re-structuring your website, integrating social media, managing website content and providing high quality PR services from an experienced journalist to ensure your website gets the search engine optimisation it needs.

We have extensive experience optimising websites across specific and broad searches. For instance, it is very different trying to optimise a website for ‘blue and purple parrots in Harlow’ than it is for ‘realtime social media monitoring’. There is a vast disparity in competition – but that does not make it impossible.

We Don’t Recommend Pay On Results
We don’t provide ‘paid on results’, simple reason is this is rarely beneficial to the client. This is because our sole aim would be to get you as high up the search rankings as possible for your chosen keyword/s, which is rarely the requirement:

  • What if you get new products or provide new services and need to alter your keywords accordingly?
  • How do you stay there once we achieve our agreed target?
  • What if this affects other rankings for other keywords on your website?

Effective Search Engine Optimisation
Effective search engine optimisation (or SEO) is a continuous process. This requires careful thought, planning, website structuring, marketing, social media engagement, public relations and more. A brief overview of our process is as follows:

  • Discuss your target audience
  • Analyse the most effective keywords to target
  • Re-structure content within your website
  • Monitor and analyse key metrics
  • Make data-drive results to amend your content
  • Apply our findings across social media and article drafts
  • Our in-house journalist will create press releases based on the above
  • Submit press releases
  • Watch your website increase in search engine rankings, visitor engagement and conversion

We can manage the entire process within a specified budget and provide reports detailing the improvements to your online presence. Feel free to contact us to discuss your website and the issues you are facing in regards to search engine optimisation, social media, SEO and online marketing.