High Quality Small Business Website Design

Small business website design needn’t just be just a quick, simple  small business web design front that is developed to tick a box. It’s possible to build a high quality, fully-functional website for startups or small businesses that will be optimised to work for you 24/7 to:

  • Gain more targeted customers for your startup or small business
  • Get maximum impact for your startup technology product
  • Promote your small business
  • Process and manage international payments for both card and direct debit (including SEPA)
  • Accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum
  • Integrate the website into existing business workflows
  • Publicise news, events and product releases in relation to your startup or small business
  • Make sure your website can act as an efficient, quality portal for communicating with and retaining your customers
  • Website design that operates seamlessly across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop to avoid eliminating part of your valuable target market

There is a myriad of different types of web design strategies and they all have their own pros and cons, whether a small business website, web application for a startup, community website or webdevelopment for a major corporation.

Below I will aim to go through the various types of small business web design options and how they can benefit you and your business:

‘Build your own website’ services from large web hosting providers

Pros: Cheap
Cons: Limited with what you can do, can take up your valuable time, generally poor quality

Static web design

Pros: Great for strong, design-focused websites or small business websites just looking for an online presence
Cons: Can be prone to lower visitor engagement, often harder to rank as well as content-heavy websites, limited features and functionality, can be expensive to pay the website designer every time you need to make a change

Content-managed website development

Pros: Very flexible, edit your own content, great for multiple features, lots of content
Cons: Bugs can take longer to fix (as the core code is not proprietary), can take time to complete additonal customisations, time needed for content management and administration

Ecommerce websites & online shopping

Pros: Sell goods online, accept payments without a merchant account, no need for a physical shop
Cons: Requires time for administration and stock control for physical goods, often requires lots of product photos, descriptions, delivery information, returns policies etc

Completely bespoke website design and development

Pros: Ultimately flexible – the world is your oyster, fast, functional, scalable, customisable
Cons: Can be expensive, will require regular maintenance and updates

I can help you decide the type of website that will work best with your small business or startup and the rough costs involved, not just to design and build the website – but also what is involved in keeping the website fresh and updated.

We can discuss the core functions and features and areas such as social media integration, dashboards, api integrations, newsletters, membership options, subscriptions, community aspects, online shopping and much more.

So whatever your small business or startup website requirements are, be it building a new website from scratch or enhancing an existing web design – and no matter how complex or bizarre your new idea might be, feel free to get in touch for an informal chat.

We are based in Lutterworth and cover all the surrounding areas such as Broughton Astley, Rugby, Hinckley, most of Leicestershire and Warwickshire, but due to our central location and London office – also further afield in the UK. Being based at J20 M1, J1 M6, J1 A14 we can get to most places in the UK within an hour or two and alternatively we are fluent in operating remotely using Skype, GotoMeeting, Google Hangouts, Zoom Meeting or sometimes just the phone!




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