Website Content Management, Domains & Maintenance

I provide website content management, domain, hosting, email and website maintenance. This helps to save you time, retain your customers, attract new customers, improve your search engine optimisation (SEO), keep your website fresh and make sure your website is and stays running like a well-oiled machine.

So..when was your website last updated? (If you cannot remember, might as well skip the next two questions..!)

Can you remember the last time you checked how much you are paying for your website hosting, domain names and emails?

Have you ever engaged with your visitors online?

When did you last update your web design?

The Problem
Often having a website isn’t enough – maintaining it is key. You need to add more email addresses, ensure your site is being indexed properly, your website speed is optimised, mobile users can access your website, set up new accounts, upload pictures, write descriptions, build videos, update the website, manage your hosting, research/write informative posts, share great posts on social media – the list goes on.

The Solution
A lot of these tasks can be performed quicker, more efficiently by an experienced website manager, but there is rarely the capital for a small business or startup to employ a full-time or even part-time employee to perform these duties. Often it is added onto the neverending list of tasks for an already overstretched business owner, developer, designer, marketing person or IT employee, which often produces substandard results – this is where I can fit in..

..and with plenty of experience including:

  • Building computers and setting up web servers
  • Setting up and managing emails, domain names and web servers
  • Designing, developing and managing websites and complex web applications
  • Integrating third party services such as newsletters generation and social media content
  • Website content management including creating and optimising videos, audio, images and photography
  • Managing digital content formats, versions and catalogues (libraries/digital assets)
  • Analysing website visitors to make informed decisions such as what content to update and when
  • User experience and interface modification to ensure your visitors have a good experience on your website

I can’t touch my toes but I can work on a flexible and regular (or sometimes irregular) basis from just a few hours a week to make sure your website is and stays in tip top condition. In continuous communication with you over phone, email, skype or Whatsapp, I can add fresh new website content, keep your visitors engaged and social media updated regularly – plus I can usually reduce your operating costs or enhance your web-hosting, emails and domain names.

Additionally I work with a highly experienced freelance journalist to provide press releases and feature writing for very competitive rates and partner with a very experienced print manager for all your offline needs if required.

I also have a tight network of highly experienced freelancers covering print, design and development.

Get In Touch
Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat and discuss your requirements with me. My aim will be to help take the weight off maintaining your website and witness you see the difference it makes in increasing your visitors and ultimately gaining you new business.

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