We can provide interesting and engaging digital experiences such as interactive 3D, interactive print media, audio visual technology systems and just about any other digital innovation.

Interactive 3D
We have strong experience of creating interactive 3D for visualising 3D environment on the web. Some uses for this technology might include:

  • Provide an interface for advertisers to decide positioning of adverts in a stadium, theatre, concert hall, music venue and within motorsport.
  • Visualisation for complex systems and processes allowing the user to interact in realtime, creating impact and high audience engagement.

Interactive Posters, Wristbands & Business Cards
imagine posters, wristbands and business cards that can trigger actions on a mobile phone (such as open your company’s web page, navigate to a special offer or open your social media home page)  by just moving a mobile phone near the item? For a competitive price, we can bring this cutting-edge technology to your business, creating intrigue and engagement to ensure your brand – sticks.

Audio & Visual Technology
Having years of experience in audio visual means we can provide various specialist services such as:

  • Virtual mannequins
  • Live event audio recording
  • Full conference audio visual setups with multiple small and large screens
  • Supply indoor and outdoor screens
  • Conversion and transcoding of any audio and video format